Why buying molds in Mexico?

Since the founding in 2014, Asociación Mexicana de Manufactura de Moldes y Troqueles (AMMMT) has been concerned about the development and promotion of mold manufacturers in the county. Consuming what our country makes moves the chains of microeconomics; as well as the chains of our long-term economy to create a more robust and more dynamic domestic market. That helps our economy grow.

When you develop your manufacture in Mexico, you obtain more significant advantages like:

  • Same language
  • Same time zone
  • Local support service
  • Availability of the complete technical information
  • High-quality materials
  • Support for the Mexican economy
  • Reference from the local clients
  • Low-risk shipment
  • Local validation
  • No costs or shipping time
  • High-quality alternative
  • Local guarantee
  • Warranty of the local supply history
  • Prices in USD or Mexican currency
  • Customer service, repairs, and changes
  • Local support during the Mold, Die, or Tooling lifetime
  • Direct interaction with Designers
  • Confidence level

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